Forgot/Lost Password



If you have lost or forgotten your password, you will need to visit the following link: On the login panel itself, there is also a link called “Lost your password?” which you can click. This should display a page with something similar to the following: 

singhealthychoirs - enter username or email panel

sing healthy choirs – enter username or email panel

Simply enter your username or email and click the “Get New Password” button. Note: The email will be the one you first registered with the choir when you joined and if you have changed your email address since registering, you will need to let us know which you can do by using the contact form. Assuming you have entered a valid email address or username, you will see the following:

singhealthychoirs - check email for confirmation link

sing healthy choirs – check email for confirmation link

You will receive instructions on how to activate a new password via an email which should look like the following:

singhealthychoirs - password reset email

sing healthy choirs – password reset email

Note: The actual email will have your username and the link will be longer with a bunch of random letters/numbers at the end of it. For security reasons, that information has been omitted from the image above. 

Your mail client might be set up to only check for mail every hour (or something similar) but rather than wait, you can look for an option that says something similar to “check for new emails now” or as is the case with GMail, click the ‘refresh’ button. In most cases, the system will send you the email with the recovery instructions within seconds of you pressing the “Get new password” button. 

There may be a delay of up to 5mins before the email is sent to you.  Please avoid making multiple password reset requests.  Each time you hit the request new password; it will invalidate the previous password request.  When you do eventually receive the password reset email, you may have invalidated that link by requesting a new one.  Please be patient, an email is always sent when it has been requested.   If you do not receive it, it will either be in your spam/junk folder or has been deleted by your email program/provider. 

If you have entered a valid username or email, the system will have sent you the above message. If you have nothing in your spam/junk folders and you use a free email provider (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail), please make sure you can receive emails from contacts not in your address book, or add to your whitelist.  Some ISP emails (such as BT) also have a setting to block emails from people not in your address book. When you click the link in the email, it will take you to the website where you can set a new password. You should see something like the following:

singhealthychoirs - set new password panel

sing healthy choirs – set new password panel

As you can see, the website will encourage you to use a “strong” password by automatically generating a new random password for you. You can ‘cut and paste’ and save this new password and use this going forward if you choose, but you can also set your own password by clicking in the “New password” box and typing your own.

singhealthychoirs - setting your own

sing healthy choirs – setting your own

As in the example above, once you have typed your new password, you can click the “Reset Password” button. The website will warn you if your password is weak, but you can set any password you choose. Once you have changed your password successfully, you should see the following:

singhealthychoirs - changed password

sing healthy choirs – changed password


If you are still having issues, then please contact us by using the contact form.

Note: Please be responsible and use a strong password, please visit our Password Do’s and Don’ts for suggestions and tips on changing your passwords. These tips are valid not just for this website, but for ALL passwords you use online.