Piano keysIt was good to see Dorian back on his feet tonight, on the road to recovery. Before our warm up he put out a request for someone to join the Committee, to provide feedback on how choir members feel. We are also looking for a Chairperson. Please let Julie know if you are interested in either of these roles.

After running through ‘Shine’ we concentrated on learning a new song from the musical ‘Chicago’, a catchy little number called ‘Razzle Dazzle’. Taking it step by step we worked through nearly to the end and it sounded pretty good for a first time out. Training files for this song can be downloaded from the website.

After the break it was ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ with Ann singing the solo part, nice singing Ann.

Lastly, we have two singing dates for our diary:

  • Wokingham Winter Carnival on Saturday 27th November, Sunday 28th November, when we’ll be singing in the Methodist Church Hall during the afternoon.
    (Update: 17/10/2010 16:38: This event has yet to be confirmed so please listen out for updates in the near future).
  • MacMillan House on Wednesday 22nd December at 2pm for about an hour