Celebrating the Life of Dorian Edwards

1951 - 2017

Dorian Edwards



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  1. Marian Abbott

    Dorian. A very special person, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and able to enrich our lives.
    Choir evenings were always joyful and uplifting occasions. There was always laughter even amid the serious music.
    He had a hug and a kind word for everyone.
    I have gained so much musically from him and it is difficult to realise that such a lovely man is no longer with us…..except in our hearts.
    I feel blessed to have known him and will miss him very much.
    My thoughts are with Sue and her family.

  2. Kim Toumi

    Dorian did so much more than create a choir when he started the Bramley choir. He gave me a night to look forward to each week, he brought the joy of singing with a group of people back into my life and he gave me the opportunity to make lifelong friends. We may not always have seen eye to eye but I always felt I could be honest with him and knew he’d still love me as I loved him despite his idiosyncrasies! I’ll always treasure the memories I have of him, a very special man.

  3. Gwynneth -Town Mayor

    I didn’t know you, Dorian, but I did know of you. For all you were and for all you did, thank you
    – on behalf of all the Residents of Wokingham who were touched by your passion for music, thank you. Rest in peace and harmony.

  4. Nevil Clark

    What can I Say! Dorian was the reason for me joining the choir,it was Jan 2016. I always looked forward to the choir meetings he was a brilliant man and human being,always encouraging .I will continue to sing with choir and try hard to sing out for Dorian! He will be greatly missed by so many! So glad I was with him when we did the choir concert at Windsor Castle a day I will never Forget! Thankyou Dorian.

  5. Mary Sulman

    Dear Sue, Chris, Rachel, family and friends, my heart is with you in the sad and sudden loss of wonderful Dorian, a unique and inspirational man, loved and missed so much by so many. I hope the pain eases for you and in time you will only recall the happier times you had with him.
    My message for Dorian: Thanks for everything you did to make the choirs such a success. I joined TVCC a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed singing again since then thanks to you. You will be so missed by all of us who knew and loved you. You inspired and brought out the best in us with your kind, caring and charismatic personality. Helping us to learn and develop but always in an enjoyable, fun way, it never seemed like hard work. I feel sure your amazing spirit is still with your beloved family and friends and always will be….God bless you Dorian!
    Mary xxx

  6. Emma Hemsley

    Dorian was an amazing, kind person who I will miss greatly. I send my heartfelt sympathy to Sue and the rest of Dorian’s family. Choir has been such a delight to me and everyone else who has benefited from Dorian’s enthusiasm, encouragement and fun. The Armed Man was an experience I cherish and will remember always – thank you Dorian.

  7. Hellen Godfrey

    A truly wonderful man whose infectious enthusiasm and passion for music was inspirational and made me enjoy singing again.
    Dorian will be truly missed – my condolences to his family.

    Hellen x

  8. Richard Williams

    It was a great pleasure to meet Dorian last Christmas when he came to Windsor Castle with the choir to light up the State Apartments with wonderful carol singing. I will never forget how he included every member of the audience and had the children eating out of his hand and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    He was so clearly one of those people who makes life happier and more fun for all those around him. I send my deep sympathies to his family and all his many friends who will be deeply shocked and saddened by his loss.
    He was warm and generous to me and my colleagues at Windsor and made a huge impact on everyone at our big Christmas celebration.

  9. Cathy

    When I think of Dorian, I smile. Smile remembering his joyful enthusiasm for the choir. Remembering his lovely easy rapport with children in the audience at the Christmas event at Windsor Castle. Smile at his confident and proud handling of our concerts. I will miss him. My condolences to his family and all who were lucky enough to know Dorian in his full and fruitful life.

  10. Camille

    Such a sad passing and great loss to music. Dorian’s uplifting soul and encouragement for all to sing will always live on for me. Historically, I was very shy to sing aloud, but I now sing confidently, (in most places!), and do not much care who is listening. May we all sing on for Dorian!! …and carry him in our hearts, memories and voices.
    With love, Camille xx

    So sorry not to be there on Thursday 🙁

  11. Sue Riddick

    My sincere condolences to Sue and his family and friends. Dorian was a warm, generous man, with a wonderful passion for music which he shared with his choirs (with the occasional cringe as we hit a wrong note!) Having shared the joy of singing The Armed Man with him and then having returned to learn more Karl Jenkins music, I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions including learning other new pieces. I too will hold dear the trip to Windsor and the Christmas concert. I hope and trust that his legacy will live on through his choirs and that he will enjoy singing with the angels! Dorian, you deserve to rest in peace xx

  12. Kate Nugent

    To Sue and family, so sorry for your loss. Dorian was a unique person and so kind and generous. His love for life and enthusiasm was infectious. He worked so hard and gave so much to choir. I loved his sense of humour, he always cheered me up and made the choir such fun. I am really going to miss him. I am so sorry I cannot make the funeral, as I am on holiday in Germany and I cannot get back in time. Kate TVCC

  13. Annette

    Thank you Dorian for enabling me to fulfill a lifelong ambition to sing in a choir, your positive attitude made this happen. You will be missed and my thoughts and best wishes are with your family. X

  14. Jen Prince

    To Sue, Chris and Rachael, my deepest sympathy former your loss. I’ve been a member of the Singhealthy family for approximately eighteen months. I had never sung before and Dorian made a very daunting experience an enjoyable one. His complete conviction that each of us could improve our singing ability was amazing and constant. Dorian, was a generous and inspirational man. I thank Sue, Chris and Rachael for allowing us so much of his time, the Singhealthy family were truly blessed. I hope the Angels enjoy and appreciate Dorian’s musical arrangements, talent and abilities as much as we did, it’s definitely their gain and our loss. You were a very special man Dorian and I’ll miss you. Jen x

  15. Karen Riddington

    When I first met Dorian I was going through a stressful period, joining the choir lifted me to a healthier place.I will be eternally grateful to him for the change that he has bought in my life. He such a lovely, kind and caring man and such an inspiration to me. I will never forget the Christmas Concert and the trip to Windsor Castle which were both amazing! Rest in peace Dorian. I will miss you x

  16. Lizzie Hughes

    Sue, Chris Racheal and family, my sincerest condolences to you all, such a sad shock to hear Dorian and passed away. Dorian has been such a huge inspiration and a rock when you needed him most, he always had just the right words of encouragement to get you through the tough bits. I will miss him and his outrageously funny sense of humour, his loyalty and his friendship. Thank you for being part of my life and making it richer for knowing you.
    Lizzie xx

  17. Clare West

    I am a member at Bracknell choir and have been for 5 years. I will miss Dorian so much and have so many fond memories of him. He was one of life’s Angels and was taken from us all far too soon. He gave me so much confidence to sing and I will thank him always for that. What an amazing inspiration he was to all who crossed paths with him.
    RIP Dorian and I hope your singing with the Angels wherever you are.
    All my love to your family.
    Clare West. Xx

  18. Emma Burnett

    I have been a member of the Bracknell choir for just over a year, and the news of Dorian’s passing was a huge shock. I will always remember him singing One Love with us on what was to be the last time we would have the privilege of having him lead our Choir. He brought so much joy into people’s lives, and what he achieved with CLASP is truly wonderful, as was evident at the Let It Shine concert. I will also never forget our Christmas trip to Windsor Castle, which was a very special event.

    My sincere condolences to Sue, Chris and Rachel.

  19. Maralyn brewer

    To Sue,Chris,Rachael and family

    Dorian our Special Friend and Maestro

    Dorian was that special man, he touched the hearts of all who came in contact with him.
    He was so enthusiastic about his singing, and this I found he passed on to all who sang with him in his choirs.
    Dorian had this so, likeable personality, always full of laughter and joy, and all those who have sung with him will know how, he made each one of us feel “special.”

    Monday nights choir was probably the highlight of most of our weeks, he was always there to greet us with a smile and a hug, and if you went in there sad, he would lift up your spirits and we would always leave there happy and elated. He made us reach our goals “the Armed Man” was one, something I never thought I would do but he had faith in all of us and on the night we made him proud.

    We are all feeling this sadness for our Maestro and friend,
    But on Thursday we must be happy, joyous and united we will stand,
    Let us sing our hearts out, let’s show him
    by singing loud
    Let’s do this together, let’s make him oh so proud.,

    He will never be forgotten. Our Special Friend and Maestro xxxx

  20. Lynn Marshall

    To Sue, Chris and Rachel – please accept my sincere sympathies on the sad death of Dorian.
    He was a lovely, kind and happy man who thoroughly enjoyed conducting choirs and encouraging everyone to sing. His enthusiasm was infectious and he had such passion for performing and involving the audience. He always worked hard to promote his choirs and to encourage everyone to give of their best and try new challenges.
    Singing together with Dorian and the choir was a joy – it created so much fun and enjoyment and hopefully helped to keep me healthy! TVCC’s July concert will be sad but will be a wonderful commemoration of Dorian’s life. I know he will be with us and will be smiling. Lynn

  21. Deb Cole

    To Sue, Chris, Rachel and all the family, my thoughts are with you all. Dorian was a truly remarkable man and as a choir he gave us wonderful opportunities which I’ll never forget. Dorian encouraged everyone, regardless of their ability and made rehearsals fun. I will remember him for many reasons and he will be greatly missed by us all. Deb x

  22. Jackie Haines

    With arms as wide as the ocean
    With a heart as big as the sky
    With a fountain of love that showered all he knew
    A big smile and a glint in his eye
    With a passion to give with a tune and a song
    An unmeasurable joy and a place to belong
    You were a man of unconditional love
    A voice we’ll remember forever
    We will sing in your honour
    Shed tears for your loss
    But we’ll never forget you
    Not ever

    God bless And sleep tight

  23. Jane Wheelwright

    So terribly shocked and sad to hear the news of Dorian, he was so passionate and principled about his music, his family and life in general. He brought people together in a positive (and often very humorous!) way and will be missed and never forgotten. A life fully lived and big shoes to fill. Jane x

  24. Jane Scuffell

    I still can’t believe that we have lost Dorian, the kindest, funniest and most accepting of men. He made the choir a welcoming place for all singers and it was his vision and energy that brought the choir together and gave us so much pleasure in singing together. Sincere condolences to Sue and all the family. I’m going to miss you Dorian, you were unique.

  25. Julia Garofano

    Dorian, you gave me the confidence to fulfil a lifetime’s dream at Choir. Your unique style and charisma made people feel at ease around you and brought out our very best. You always found humour in everything we did. I will miss you greatly. Julia x

  26. Kath Parker

    Dorian. TVCC will never be the same but we will do our best to build on what you have taught us. That is singing is fun, sociable and good for our health. Also he gave us the belief in ourselves that everyone can sing whatever our musical background. I looked forward to Monday evenings and always came away feeling enriched. Thinking of you Sue and all your lovely family, who have done so much to support Dorian in his ambitions, at this sad time.

  27. Sue Jeffery

    I am so sorry that due to a family holiday in Florida, I cannot be with the choirs to sing goodbye to Dorian on 13th. Joining his choirs gave me back the joy of singing. Dorian was the kindest, friendliest, funniest and most caring man, so loved by us all and will be so missed. I send my sincerest condolences to Sue and all your family who all worked endlessly to help make Dorian’s choirs so unique and special. Our last Christmas concert was utterly joyful and such a happy memory. Thank you and may you rest in peace.x

  28. Marroussia

    My first experience of being in one of Dorian’s choirs was when I made the decision to get involved with the Armed Man. I am so glad that I did.
    My sincere condolences to Sue, Rachel and Chris.

  29. Gilly Vince

    You lit up every Tuesday evening in Bramley with the way you made choir practise so much fun. Thank you Dorian for being kind and caring as you touched so many peoples lives including mine. Its such a great loss to the music world but especially to your family.

  30. Clive Stacey

    I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Dorian. My thoughts are with his family, at this very sad time.

    Kind Regards,

    Clive Stacey SingBramley Choirs

  31. Rosemary Duncan

    Dorian’s enthusiasm when teaching us some quite difficult pieces was always encouraging and fun, he had a unique style and will be sorely missed, we gained so much from being in his choir. My sincere condolences Sue, to you and your family, the support and back up you all gave Dorian was an essential part of making things run smoothly. Thank you so much, love, Rosemary x

  32. Janet

    Thank you Dorian for letting me join the choir – I just turned up, no fuss, no worry, no stress, and left with a sense of pride and belonging
    A super personality that will long be remembered
    My heartfelt condolences to all the family

  33. Monique Behan

    Every Friday morning I looked forward to sing with Dorian and the CLASP. He was so patient and caring with all of us. That’s Priceless.
    Well Done Dorian.
    To Sue and her lovely Family:
    De tout coeur avec vous dans votre grande peine. Je vous prie d’agreer l’expression de mes respectueuses condoleances

  34. Morris Rooms

    Having had a number of happy and challenging years with various of Dorian’s choirs, I was so sad to hear that he was no longer with us.
    He gave me the wonderful opportunity to sing with like minded people and have experiences that I would not have achieved without his unending leadership, friendship and guidance.
    A really nice man.
    My heartfelt commiserations to Sue and the family.

  35. Sue Taylor

    Dorian made everyone feel special and we will all miss him very much. He would be very proud of the way the choir has pulled together by singing our hearts out for him. He touched many peoples hearts with his big personality.xx

  36. Colette

    Although I had only known Dorian for a few weeks I was very fond of him and his confidence in my singing had a hugely positive impact on my self esteem. We will continue to make him proud by singing our very best x