Summer SunIt’s that time again when our three choirs, singbracknell, singbramley and singwokingham are currently on Summer Break.  We have tried to coincide our break with the school term dates but there may will be differences with some schools depending on each area/school.

The proposed start dates for the next term are:

  • singbramley6th September
  • singbracknell7th September
  • singwokingham8th September

Keep an eye on out for any changes which we will communicate via email/website.

You can also visit the following link to see the rest of our term dates for 2011/2012.

In the meantime, any new members are welcome to register their interest by contacting a member of our team via our contact form. Go on, join a local community choir today!

If you have any questions please contact a member of our team via our contact form.