The following audio file contains a series of warm up exercises and instructions that choral singers will find useful to develop a warm up routine prior to singing.  As I mentioned in the first file, most of this is common sense and not rocket science. Ideally, you should practice this prior to attending choir rehearsals, and most definitely before performing.  The first file is 19 minutes long only because it contains detailed instructions.  Once you are comfortable with the instructions, the second file is only 6 minutes.

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The file below is the warm up music on it’s own without the instructions.

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Clicking on either of the above files will start the file downloading to your computer/device.
Save the file in your “My Music” folder.
You can then add it your playlist, or play the file using your regular audio player (Windows Media for example).
Both files can be burnt to a CD, uploaded to a tablet, smartphone or MP3 player.
If you would like instructions on how to burn your own CD, send us a comment via our contact page and we will put up some instructions on how to create your CD.