Can’t see the Members Content?

by May 31, 2019Housekeeping, Website News0 comments

WhyAmIHereIf you’ve come to the members page expecting to see the latest and greatest notes from the section leaders (or Louise, Kieran, Ann, Allison, Chris, and Sue), but all got was this note, well it means you haven’t logged in yet.

The singhealthy choirs members page is intended for members only and contains various bits of information that only members will find useful.   Unfortunately, because you’re not a member yet, or you haven’t logged in. You only get to see this message. So if you’re not only curious about singing (which could be why you are here on this page, if you come along and join as, you’ll get to see all the wonderful hidden content that lives inside the members area.

For all you members out there, the log in link is to your right (if you’re on a desktop/laptop), or if you’re on a mobile device it might be a little further down the page. If you can’t remember your password or your username, there is a handy “How to Guide” specifically for Forgot/Lost Password and if you’re really stuck, How to Access the Members Area.  And if all else fails, please contact us using the contact form.

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