Kids Kidney Research

kids kidney research logo #3 At singbramley – The Bramley Community Choir, one of our members daughters, Lucy,  was diagnosed with the disease Juvenile Nephronophthisis in January 2008 when she was just 3 years old.  This disease causes progressive destruction of both her kidneys, meaning that she will need a transplant before she reaches adolescence.

We hope that the choir can help in raising both funds and awareness of Kids Kidney Research.

Kids Kidney Research (previously know as the Kidney Research Aid Fund, KRAF) was set up by a group of people who had friends and family with kidney disorders.  Although they were all adults with kidney disease, they decided to support paediatric kidney research since many would not have been in the position they were in had their conditions been treated in childhood.

There is no cure for kidney disease. We need to understand why kidney and urinary tract diseases occur in children. And we need to improve the diagnosis and treatment of these, sometimes life-threatening, conditions.

You can also visit the JustGiving page for Nicola Flynn and help contribute directly.